Food List


  • asparagus
  • apples
  • avacado
  • alfalfa
  • acorn squash  (NOPE: this is actually an ‘S’)
  • almond
  • arugala
  • artichoke
  • applesauce
  • asian noodles (NOPE, an ‘N’)
  • antelope
  • ahi tuna (NOPE: this is actually a ‘T’)
  • albacore tuna
  • Apple juice
  • Avocado roll


  • Bruscetta
  • bacon
  • black beans
  • bagels
  • baked beans
  • BBQ
  • bison
  • barley
  • beer
  • bisque
  • bluefish
  • bread
  • broccoli
  • buritto
  • babaganoosh


  • Cabbage
  • cake
  • carrots
  • carne asada
  • celery
  • cheese
  • chicken
  • catfish
  • chips
  • chocolate
  • chowder
  • clams
  • coffee
  • cookies
  • corn
  • cupcakes
  • crab
  • curry
  • cereal
  • chimichanga


  • dates
  • dips
  • duck
  • dumplings
  • donuts


  • eggs
  • enchilada
  • eggrolls
  • English muffins
  • edimame
  • eel sushi


  • fajita
  • falafel
  • fish  (might be too vague)
  • franks
  • fondu
  • French toast
  • French dip


  • Garlic
  • ginger
  • gnocchi
  • goose
  • granola
  • grapes
  • green beans
  • Guancamole
  • gumbo
  • grits
  • Graham crackers


  • ham
  • halibut
  • hamburger (and cheeseburgers and bacon cheeseburgers)
  • honey
  • huenos rancheros
  • hash browns
  • hot dogs
  • haiku roll
  • hummus


  • ice cream
  • Irish stew
  • Indian food
  • Italian bread


  • jambalaya
  • jelly / jam
  • jerky
  • jalapeño


  • kale
  • kabobs
  • ketchup
  • kiwi
  • kidney beans
  • kingfish


  • lobster
  • Lamb
  • Linguine
  • Lasagna


  • Meatballs
  • Moose
  • Milk
  • Milkshake


  • Noodles


  • Ostrich


  • Pizza
  • Pepperoni
  • Porter
  • Pancakes


  • Quesadilla
  • Quiche


  • Reuben


  • Spinach
  • Spaghetti


  • Tater tots
  • Toast


  • ? (any ideas)


  • Venison


  • Waffles
  • Wine
  • Walnuts



  • Yogurt


  • Ziti
  • Zucchini

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  2. O - Oatmeal
  3. goatcheese
  4. mushrooms, pears,raspberrys, stawberries, mangoes, pine nuts, cherries, olives, cottage cheese, tuna, refried beans, bell pepers, salmon, pine apple, sweet potatos, rice cakes, gonbonzo beans, pinto beans
  5. u is udon noodles
  6. C=coconut U= Ube: purple yams Udder: the mammary gland of the domestic cow served as tripe in the North of England where it is known as elder Urchins Udi's Bread: gluten free bread Udo Udon Noodles: thick Japanese noodles Ugali Ugli fruit Uglies Biscuits Ukrainian Rolls Umbrella fruit Umeboshi plums: preserved and delicious little Japanese plums used an accompaniment to food Unagi: a type of fish roll Undio Unleavened bread Unsweetened chocolates Upma: a south Indian X= Xanthones (contained in the mangosteen fruit. They are commonly used for medicinal purposes.) X-cat-ik chillies (light yellow fresh chillies; very hot and typically left whole to flavour prepared meat and fish dishes) Xacuti masala (Indian delicacy prepared with marinated meat or fish and mixed spices) Xalwa a somali (cornflour paste) Xanthan gum (thickener for food, emulsifier, foaming agent, gelling agent, stabilizer, suspending agent, and whipping agent) Xavier souppe (classic Italian soup) Xavier steak (American steak dish) Xerem de Fiesta (dish from Cape Verde, Africa) Xom tum (very hot and spicy Thai dish) Xouba (small, sardinelike fish found near Spain) Xtra (brand of gum) Xylitol (humectant, moisture-retaining agent, nutritive sweetener) Xtreme Candy Xtreme hot sauce. Xi gua (Chinese watermelon) X-Factor (energy drink) XO sauce Xanthren (herb) xanthareel.. it's a yellow eel used in medicinal foods. also xiphias, which is swordfish. xian hamburger xanthum gum Xanthan gum- is an addtive to foods. Xia-Chinese shrimp Xia Mi-Chinese dried shrimp Xiang Cai-Chinese for corriander Xiangcaojing-Chinese for vanilla Xiangchang-Chinese for sausage Xiangjiao-Chinese for banana Xinag jun-Chinese for black dried mushroom xianrou - Chinese for bacon xiaodianxin - Chinese for cookies xiaonijurou - Chinese for veal xihongshi - Chinese for tomato xi mi fen - Chinese for tapioca flour xingzi - Chinese for apricot xiphios -Greek for swordfish xocolatl - Ancient Aztec for chocolate xouba - small, sardinelike fish found near Spain Please state that I have not made these up Xacuti Xinomavro Grapes Xanthan Gum, Xavier Soup
  7. Ramen noodles
  8. nectarines.
  9. T- tortilla U- Unagi (salmon fish roll, learnt it from friends :D) V-Vanilla?
  10. O- onions
  11. B:beer
  12. t=tamales, c=coconut, f=fries, b=banana, s=sushi, m=mushrooms,
  13. R=Radish M=Mince c=Crackers
  14. Bananas
  15. I want A to Z food name list .all dishes chinese. indian. italian. Continental.etc.?
  16. I have know idea what food begins with U Dose anyone know ?????? :(
    • unagi!
  18. Y : Yam
  19. O= orange
  22. B - blueberries, blackberries, banana, brandy, beef, butter, beets C - cider, crackers, cantaloupe, cauliflower, cranberries D - Doritos, dressing F - French fries J - jäger, juice L - lettuce M - mayo, mushrooms, mozzarella, macaroni, mustard, meatloaf O - oranges, olives, onion P - popcorn, peppers, peaches, pears, pork, pretzels, potatoes, popsicle, pomegranate, pimento Q - quail R - radishes, raspberries, rum, raisins, ravioli, relish S - strawberries, salmon, sage, steak, soup, salami, sub, sandwich T - tomatoes, tamale, tostada, turkey, tuna W - watermelon Y - yams
  23. Oranges
  24. Y=Yam
  26. f for french fries, fudge,fig ,flour,frosting g for gravy greese gateau grapefruit goodies ground beef h for hawthorn ,hazel nut....
  27. V for Veal, venison
  28. a- asparagus, apples, almonds. b- bacon, bubble gum, burgers, bagels, bread. c- chewing gum, chocolate, cherries, chips, crisps, celery, cake, carrots, cabbage, cheese, cupcakes, chicken, cookies, corn, curry, cereal. d- donuts, duck. e- eggs. f- fish, fries, fondu. g- grapes, gum, green beans. h- ham, hash browns, hot-dogs. I- ice-cream. j- jelly, jam. k- kiwi, kale. l- lasagne. m- mushrooms, meatballs, meat. n- noodles, nectarines. o- olives, oranges. p- pizza, parsley, pineapple, peaches, pancakes. q- ??????? r- ??????? s- spinach, salmon. t- tuna, toast. u- ??????? v- ??????? w- waffles, watermelon. x- ??????? y- ??????? z- ??????? BTW I only listed foods that I like but u could also have zebra?, banana, refried beans and lots more. hope this helps! :) x
  29. Turnip, gravy, honey, turkey, ham, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, shepards pie, Oreo cream pie, brownies, steak, lettuce, beats, cranberry sauce, waffles, olives, pickles, cucumber, watermelon, corn, peas, rice, popcorn, marshmallows, muffins, fudge, brownies, raspberries, black raspberry, blueberries, deep fried oreo's ( trust me theredelicous and real), taco's, Chinese food, Japanese food, baguette, turkey hot dogs, sweet potato, potatos, tomatoes, chop suey, meatballs, and beef stew and chicken soup!!!!!! Don't forget about these!!!!!!!!
    • Star fruit and Dragon fruit. These are both real.
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