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B Lunch: Black Bean Beef Burrito Bowl

I know there are hard days ahead of me.  The ‘D’ day is on Sunday and don’t even get me started on ‘U’.  But because of these, i have to take advantage of days like today.  The ‘B’s are good times.  Check out my masterful ‘B’ lunch:

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B: A great day

I’m excited for today.

Here’s what i have lined up:  A bagel this morning, a burrito for lunch and a buffalo burger for dinner.   This is definitely one of the best days of the whole month.   Look for a post later today with updates. 

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this is an awesome post

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check it out


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Dumplings are the best for ‘D’

The ‘D’ day is one of the hardest days to do.  I highly recommend you find the local Chinese restaurant and inquire if they have any type of dumplings.  Soup dumplings are the best.  It’s one of the only good ways to go on the ‘D’ day. 

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