Rocking ‘Q’ Day

Such a fun day.  I rocked out a quiche this morning and then rocked a quesadilla for lunch.  No idea what’s in store for dinner but so far it’s proving a fun diet to be on. 


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Plowing my way through ‘P’ day

I love ‘p’ day.  The pizza and panini’s and everything, it’s just so easy.  I thought i’d try something new this year with peanut butter & jelly sandwich and for dessert I had some pumpkin bread.  Delicious. 

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Jicama Quesadilla

The ‘j’ day is always the toughest.  However, my colleague had a great idea today to get a Jicama Quesadilla.  While i don’t really dig the jicama, it was something special. 

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The best day is ‘B’ day

I love ‘B’ day as there are so many options.  Last year i was able to get a black bean beef burrito bowl which was great.  

Today my wife was able to get me a wild boar sandwich which was totally delicious.  Nothing better than ‘B’ day


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Let’s get it started! ‘A’ day is here.

Today is the first day of the diet and we’re kicking it off with an ‘A’  

For those of you who don’t know about the diet, it’s designed around the concept that “variety is the spice of life.”  It’s also a reaction to the fact that there are a billion different diets out there and thus i thought it’d be cool to create my own.  So, each day I’ll be eating a different letter.  Today is ‘A’ day and tomorrow will be ‘B’ and so on and so on.

The ‘A’ day is a sneaky hard day to find food, but that’s why they call it a diet.  The alphabet diet for me is all about variety.  It’s about going to stores and restaurants that I normally wouldn’t.  That happened today for lunch. 

Unable to find anything ‘A’ anywhere, i resorted to Avocado rolls and an apple salad.  It tasted great and was delicious.  

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Super ‘S’ Day with Matt

I was about to really make good on my ‘s’ day with my cousin Matt at the Walnut Brewery. I placed my order where i tried really hard to make sure i landed some good s’s – getting a steak and strawberry lemonade.  Then, my cousin placed his order.  Only when it arrived did we realize that he rocked an amazing ‘s’ day too. Getting by accident getting a salmon spinach salad.  What a natural. 

I was also able to rock some scallops at The Bitter Bar later that night. 


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Rocked an ‘R’ Day

Had a great lunch yesterday celebrating the ‘r’ day with the Rapt Media team.  Cameron and Erika are great company and we ate some delicious food at Brasserie Ten Ten.   I had a Reuben. 

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‘P’ Day with PB & J

I love the ‘p’ day – there are just so many options of what to do.  I was planning on some pizza, but settled instead on:

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Pasta salad
  • Pumpkin bread

So far, the day’s off to a great start. 

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Making the Most of ‘M’ Day

There are tough choices to make on the ‘m’ day. ¬†Downtown Denver at Marlowe’s with Patrick and Justin, i partook in a delicious meatloaf with some crab mushrooms as an appetizer. ¬†Thanks guys for a great lunch.


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Killing the ‘K’ Day

The ‘k’ day is always a tough one.  Luckily one of my favorite restaurants in Boulder, The Med, has kebobs that are delicious.  

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