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The best day is ‘B’ day

I love ‘B’ day as there are so many options.  Last year i was able to get a black bean beef burrito bowl which was great.  

Today my wife was able to get me a wild boar sandwich which was totally delicious.  Nothing better than ‘B’ day


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Finished ‘B’ with a Bison Burger

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Last night I finished off my ‘B’ day with an awesome Bison Burger from Ted’s Montana Grill.  It was first time to Ted’s and man do they deliver.  It was probably the biggest burger I’ve had in a while. I almost couldn’t handle it.   But, then again, nobody said dieting was easy  🙂

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The ‘B’ Day is My Favorite

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I always love the ‘B’s because you can really go crazy.  For instance, i just rocked a brown rice, black bean, beef burrito bowl.  That’s 6 ‘b’s if you’re counting. 

We also discussed the rules again at lunch.  We mentioned how the adjectives don’t matter unless that’s the name of the food.  For instance “hot chocolate” counts because that’s the only way to order that.  But “avocado bacon cheeseburger” wouldn’t work because that’s really just a burger with avocado, cheese and bacon.  So that’d be a ‘b’ and not an ‘a’. 


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B Dinner: Buffalo Burgers

Finishing off my day of ‘B’ with an amazing dinner at a downtown burger joint.  I had Buffalo Bold Boulder Beer to drink.  For my entree, i had a Buffalo Burger with a side of broccoli.  A great day indeed. 


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B Lunch: Black Bean Beef Burrito Bowl

I know there are hard days ahead of me.  The ‘D’ day is on Sunday and don’t even get me started on ‘U’.  But because of these, i have to take advantage of days like today.  The ‘B’s are good times.  Check out my masterful ‘B’ lunch:

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B: A great day

I’m excited for today.

Here’s what i have lined up:  A bagel this morning, a burrito for lunch and a buffalo burger for dinner.   This is definitely one of the best days of the whole month.   Look for a post later today with updates. 

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B – One of the greatest days

Note: this post is from Nader Akhnoukh

So far I’ve had a bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel, aka a breakfast sandwich.

I’ll probably have a beef and black bean burrito for lunch.

Then I’m thinking some BBQ and beer for dinner, maybe with a side of beet salad.

If I’m still hungry the ice cream place in town makes a mean banana split.

Does it get any better than B?

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The B’s are Beautiful

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A bagels for breakfast, a lovely burrito for lunch, and it’s clear that the B’s are going to be a breeze.  Most places have something good with B on the menu.

I’ve also decided the “beer” is too generic and there are different types of beers like Lager, Porter, Hefewizen, etc. This will also make the diet as a whole more enjoyable 🙂

Any good suggestions of what to make for dinner?

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