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All about Fajitas on ‘f’ day

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I was planning on eating lots of different ‘f’ items, but when push came to shove, all I did was get a steak fajita for lunch and a chicken fajita for dinner.  The point of the diet is supposed to make me branch out into foods I wouldn’t normally eat – and granted I definitely would not have had fajitas yeterdayt – but getting two things back-to-back is not my idea of variety.  Hope to do it better today.

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Fish and Fries? Yes, please!

We all know that fish and chips are really just fish and french fries.  I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off my ‘F’ day than a greasy platter of Irish food. 

I will say that i had to abandon the rest of the work group to search out my ‘F’ feast but nobody said the alphabet diet was easy.  Eating yourself A to Z requires disciple, commitment and a willingness to eat almost anything.

This, for instance:


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F’ing Monday

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I had some great French Toast this morning and a Fajita for lunch.  It’s been a great monday so far – foodwise that is.   We were talking of Fondue tonight.  Any other suggestions?

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