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Nothing could be better than ‘N’ Day

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It’s a really tough day but I was able to woof down some Noodles.  Maybe i’ll get some Naan tonight.  Any suggestions?

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The N’s Are Tough

I woke up the morning of the N’s in a panic.  What was I going to eat?  Besides nectarines, which i hate, the list was short and not that attractive.   It became even harder when I had some business lunches scheduled.  You can see in the video below how I was forced into alcohol and nacho’s for lunch:

While lunch was tough, dinner was much easier thanks to Kita and the Murdock family.   The ‘N’ day happened to coincide with Toby’s birthday.  They invited me over for the celebration and, amazingly, had prepared a fully N-balanced meal.  We had a main dish of Noodles and a dessert of Neapolitan ice cream.  I’m quite blessed to have friends who will accomodate such madness.

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