The Rules

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Eating yourself from A to Z is not an easy task.  It gets even harder when you get some rigid rules.  Here’s how i’m planning on doing it.  You, of course, can do whatever you want at home.  My rules are:

  • Every piece of food can only exist in one letter.  You can’t eat a Cheeseburger on ‘C’ and then a burger with cheese on ‘B’ day.  That doesn’t work
  • Water works on every letter.  It’s always allowed
  • Adjectives don’t work.   Mushroom pizza is still a pizza under ‘P’ not under ‘M’.  If the adjective is part of the name of the food, that’s ok.  Hot Chocolate, for instance, is an ‘H’ not a ‘C’
  • Names of dishes work.  Irish Stew is an ‘I’ as is Lasagna an ‘L’
  • As you can tell, you need to get down the core food that you’re eating.  You get down to its name, not its type. Don’t get too generic.  A burger is meal, that’s a ‘b’.  It’s not Meat (‘M’) nor Beef (‘B).  If you go down the path of getting too generic, you’ll wind up where everything is Food under ‘F’ and you can’t eat anything the rest of the days
  • Proper nouns don’t work.  Pepsi is soda.    Honey Nut Cheerios is cereal.
  • Only English language works.
  • Animals work.  If you can find Alligator meat, that counts as an ‘A’ even though it’s not a known food, it still works.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below…

One comment on “The Rules

  1. Hey so i was watching a series where a woman was trying to lose weight so she went on the alphabet diet. Does it actually help you lose weight or is it just a fun thing to do. Thanks in advance


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