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Eating the ‘E’ Today

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‘E’ day should be exciting… After all, its vowel status allows it to dabble in most words. It wasn’t hard to start the day off eating the ‘e.’

Mike and I headed over to our local Boulder Creek Market to design tasty egg sandwiches. You can see our sammie selfie below. 


What’s great about eating the ‘e’ is that you get to snack on fun, healthy bites like edamame.

I think I’m going for the eel roll tonight. If only all dieting could be this easy…


This is from guest writer Camilla Calhoun

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Some Indian for Lunch

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It’s really hard to find ‘D’ foods for lunch.  Previously i was always thinking of dumplings and duck.  But i decided today to stroll into my local indian restaurant (Jaipur).  There i found some Danshak and ordered up a dish. 

This is really what the Alphabet Diet is all about – variety.  There is no way i would have ever thought about getting this previously.  Thanks A-to-Z!

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Starting off ‘D’ Day with Donuts

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I have found that ‘D’ day is probably the hardest day of them all.  Besides donuts, duck and dumplings, it’s really hard to find something starting with a ‘d’ – and those aren’t that easy to find either.  Because of this, i went all out on breakfast and brought in some delicious donuts from Lucky’s Bakehouse which has to be the best bakery in Boulder. 


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The ‘C’ Day Is Off to a Great Start

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I thought there was no way i could beat the alliteration of the ‘b’ day from yesterday.  However, check out my clam chowder, chocolate chip cookie, crackers, and chips lunch: 

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Finished ‘B’ with a Bison Burger

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Last night I finished off my ‘B’ day with an awesome Bison Burger from Ted’s Montana Grill.  It was first time to Ted’s and man do they deliver.  It was probably the biggest burger I’ve had in a while. I almost couldn’t handle it.   But, then again, nobody said dieting was easy  🙂

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The ‘B’ Day is My Favorite

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I always love the ‘B’s because you can really go crazy.  For instance, i just rocked a brown rice, black bean, beef burrito bowl.  That’s 6 ‘b’s if you’re counting. 

We also discussed the rules again at lunch.  We mentioned how the adjectives don’t matter unless that’s the name of the food.  For instance “hot chocolate” counts because that’s the only way to order that.  But “avocado bacon cheeseburger” wouldn’t work because that’s really just a burger with avocado, cheese and bacon.  So that’d be a ‘b’ and not an ‘a’. 


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Good ‘Q’ Day

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Yesterday was a good day for the alphabet diet.  Here’s my crushing both a quiche and a quesadilla for dinner.  We bought the quiche at Marzycks and made the quesadilla on my old school quesadilla-maker that my brother got me a long time ago.  Man, that guy has gotten a lot of use.

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Nothing could be better than ‘N’ Day

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It’s a really tough day but I was able to woof down some Noodles.  Maybe i’ll get some Naan tonight.  Any suggestions?

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A great ‘M’ day is happening

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The ‘M’ day is one of my favorites.  Muffin for breakfast, margarita pizza for lunch and lots of options for dinner.  This lunch, I tagged along with Grace’s date with Nader (Ian joined too) to go to a new Italian place on Pearl St. called PastaVino.  We had a great lunch with minestrone soup and pizza.  It was great. 


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Getting Through ‘L’ Day

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The day of ‘L’ is always a tough day.  Yesterday I was able to power through though by getting lamb for lunch and then a delicious dinner (thanks to D) of Lasagna and Lentil soup, with some lemonade too. 


Today is much easier with M.  My plan is a meatball sub for lunch and then hopefully some macaroni and cheese for dinner. Who’s with me??

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