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Just Enough ‘J’

The ‘j’ day is really hard to do.  I usually go with Jambalaya on the day.  When having lunch i noticed this drink and it was delicious:

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Rocking the ‘Italian’ Today

I have to say that ‘i’ is one of the toughest days.  I couldn’t think of anything good to eat for lunch, so i got an Italian sub today with Ben, Nader and Jon Clifford

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Lunch with Niraj (loving the ‘e’ day)

Had a great lunch of enchilada’s with Niraj yesterday.  This is the beauty of the alphabet diet. 

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A Great ‘G’ Lunch

I knew i had to eat a ‘G’ but i wasn’t sure what to do.  Luckily, i’m in the middle of Boulder and there are phenomenal restaurants all around.  I wanted to find a place that served Gumbo and i was surprised to see that there was one about 2 blocks from my office called Lucile’s.  

Not only was Lucile’s the cutest place on earth but the food was delicious.  I had a Gumbo plate and my friends had grits and a 3-cheese grilled cheese with bacon and avocado.  I made sure to get the sandwich in my pick so you can see the awesomeness. 

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Starting the ‘G’ Day

Today is a hard day.  I’m going to try for gumbo for lunch but that’s not a easy task in a mountain town in the middle of the winter.  

To get my day going, i went with some Granola, which in Boulder is about as common as road bikes.


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Fish and Fries? Yes, please!

We all know that fish and chips are really just fish and french fries.  I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off my ‘F’ day than a greasy platter of Irish food. 

I will say that i had to abandon the rest of the work group to search out my ‘F’ feast but nobody said the alphabet diet was easy.  Eating yourself A to Z requires disciple, commitment and a willingness to eat almost anything.

This, for instance:


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My ‘E’ was delicious

I was wondering what to eat for my ‘E’ dinner and then I came to the idea of Enchiladas.  What’s the best place to get enchiladas in Boulder?  Naturally i thought of the delicious restaurant of Centro.

Getting there, i was doubly pleased to learn that Mondays have happy hour all day.  I then grabbed my menu and was again pleasantly surprised to see that they have a fried egg in salsa as an item on the menu.


Only a few days into the diet, i can safely say that i am definitely getting some amazing variety.

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Wait till you ‘C’ this lunch

Had a great lunch with Diane where we had Calamari for an appetizer and then a Chicken Cobb salad.  Who said the Alphabet Diet isn’t healthy?



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C Day: Starting out a bit Crazy

The ‘C’ day is a bit easy.  I decided to challenge myself this morning and not just do cereal.  Instead, as you’ll see below, i’m eating Carmel Coffee Cake:

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B Dinner: Buffalo Burgers

Finishing off my day of ‘B’ with an amazing dinner at a downtown burger joint.  I had Buffalo Bold Boulder Beer to drink.  For my entree, i had a Buffalo Burger with a side of broccoli.  A great day indeed. 


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