Need Help on the A’s

I’m putting together a list of options for me to eat and i’m already dreading the A’s.  The list I’ve started is here.  Check it out and let me know if you know of any good dishes for A’s

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6 comments on “Need Help on the A’s

  1. Ahi Tuna sounds like it would work but it doesn’t really

  2. we spent our whole dinner last night discussing this. we came up with antipasti, which should help on your first day! we’d love to have you over to dinner one night (not on J) because the girls want to help prepare an alphabet dinner.

    • That sounds awesome. Antipasta it’ll have to be tomorrow 🙂

      Let’s take a look at the days and pick one for a letter dinner over there. I’m open for any tues-thurs night

  3. The Brits call eggplant “Aubergine” like the French, so if you don’t mind doing that you can add aubergine parmigian, etc. to the list of possibilities!

  4. How about Alfredo sauce over angel hair pasta? Does that work or is the angel hair really a P?

    • yeah, the pasta is a ‘p’ The rest are just adjectives 🙁

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